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Commercial Building and Facilities Maintenance & Consulting in Jacksonville FloridaIn addition to offering construction services for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications, we offer several maintenance and preventative maintenance oriented services.

These services provide insight to early-detection of water intrusion, structural, moisture and mold relatedand issues.


These Preventative and Maintenance Services Include:

  • Moisture intrusion investigation
  • Waterproofing systems
  • Specialize in high humidity moisture prone coastal climates
  • Forensic Building Construction Investigation & Analysis
  • Building Envelope Systems – roofing and drainage, exterior walls, windows, balconies, stairs and doors.
  • Providing practical solutions along with high quality repair
  • Complete visual inspection of all building and site components.
  • Identification of damage deficiencies and deferred maintenance
  • Cost estimates for identified repairs.
  • Cost estimates and long-term schedule of replacement items.

The Reports Contain:

  • A comprehensive listing of required repairs with cost estimates.
  • A spreadsheet analysis of long-term replacement items including cost estimates and yearly schedules.
  • A detailed depiction and evaluation of all building and site components.
  • Water intrusion will greatly reduce the performance of your building or home’s lifecycle proven record of accomplishments solving water intrusion problems shows its ability to not only gives you rapid result but to be cost effective in providing you the solutions to your building moisture related problems.

By detecting any areas of concern ahead of time, Pickett can help fix and repair most infrastructure issues before it’s too late, thus causing the owner hundreds and possibly thousands in damage repair.

Maintenance Consulting and Building Services Previous Clients:

• Amelia Island Plantation
• Itera
• Weaver Realty
• Southpoint Surgery Center

Contact Pickett Construction today to find out more about our Maintenance Consulting Program. We look forward to working with you on your new project!

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